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September 2019

STOP Procrastinating and GET IT DONE✅

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There’s so much truth in these words it probably held the majority of us back from trading Bitcoin when it was at its rock 🗻 bottom 🍑 and making an absurd amount of profit!💰

I thought it’s incredibly important to address this issue🔧 as MANY of us tend to put off things which sometimes is not out of laziness 😴 but the fact we don’t understand it!🤔

But the only thing that needs to be understood in an uncertain market is to trade tops and bottoms and turn a PROFIT!

With the sporadic move of Cryptocurrencies and the famous of them all BTC making daily lows and highs I’m very tight ranges!

You have another Golden 🔑 Opportunity awaiting if you have the right Trading Tools!

Brokers have opened up a loop hole 🕳 wide open for every savvy trader to exploit!

How? 😳 Two words! CFDs and Crypto Indices!!!

What are they? 🤓 I’m a Nutshell 🥜 You can trade the EXACT price of Very popular Crypto’s such as BTC XRP DSH etc from as little as a £1 🙌🏽 with CFDS.

Yes That’s Right! A Pound! 🤯

Go to you MT4 Platform Marketwatch and rightclick and hit Show More! A list of assets you didn’t know that were tradable will now show up!😳

If BTC and many others are there then you can use this special tool to trade the heck outta Crypto and CREATE yourself a tidy little nest egg🥚➕💰

Check it out here

Remember STOP Procrastinating and GET IT DONE!!


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When FEAR is staring you dead in the face and a drawdown is hot 🥵 on your heels 👠 what do you do?

Grab your 🎱 🎾 🏀s and run 🏃‍♂️ for the hills or watch your equity balance disappear?

Automated Trading can differ MASSIVELY from trading Manually! But one thing they both share in common is FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN! 😈

I believe there’s a simple way to overcome it!

1. Target the Source of where it’s coming from (normally not knowing WTF 🤬 the market is going to do next!)
2. Start understanding the logic of the strategy being used.
3. Get yourself educated with Price Action and Support & Resistance.
4. Hours Chart Watching or Backtesting!

But the most important part is 5.ACCEPTING the risk! Many of us just ain’t simply prepared to do that because we’ve all been programmed to win!

Who the fck likes losing? 🤯 Nobody!

But accepting the Markets are dynamic and as traders automated or manual we must also be dynamic too! (Even if that means coming second place) 🥈

The Story We Tell Ourselves:

It’s like planning a 200 mile journey to the Promise Land (Profits 🤑) by car 🚗 and not accounting 🧾 for traffic (Drawdown)

We will naturally get Irritant if we hit Traffic because that wasn’t apart of our travel plans🧭 and this delay can cause anxiety, fear etc.

But... when we acknowledge YES! There might be traffic and YES! I might get held up it makes your journey that much easier as you proceed on! 😎

Just like a trading system! If it historically has a 80% win rate 🥇 you must also be prepare and ACCEPT that there will be a losing period or Drawdown of 20%.🥈


How to Deal with it!

1. Hedge: Manually Trade another Asset CFDS is the PERFECT 👌🏽 Solution! (Get educated)
2. Average Down: Simply means to Dumb Down your Lot Size until this period goes! (Take baby losses 👶🏽)

Now in life there’s no short cut to success🏆 even if you decide to do something illegally and make millions tomorrow karma will eventually catch up with you🤹🏽‍♀️and take it away because it wasn’t earned!

There’s no better feeling in life then working hard/smart for something then being Grateful that you’ve truly Earned it!

By setting yourself up the correct way having the right Psychology (Preparation), Tools (The fastest sht Money can buy) and Knowledge.

You’ll be heads and shoulders 🧙‍♂️ above the rest of the pack 🐺

I’ll close out by saying

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
Abraham Lincoln