How To Reverse A Losing Trade With This Weird Strategy!

By October 7, 2019Members T

Hellllo to you all!

Now I really wanted to touch upon some VITAL highlights of trading the USTECH! Especially when you need to reverse any losses!

Let’s have a look at the first Scenario!

You’ve done your TDA you’re happy with the general bias.

Daily Timeframe: Satisfies Uptrend✅

H4 Timeframe: Satisfies Uptrend✅

H1 Timeframe: Satisfies Uptrend✅Now we can safely say that the overall bias was up!

Tip: What I tend to do at 14:30 is also look at the FTSE and a few other indices and determine if they have been going up 🗽 or Down 🛬 on a H1 Timeframe,

What this will do is give you some knowledge whether to be long or short at 14:30 🕝

FTSE Today H1 Timeframe

So now the USTECH is having to play catch up with the FTSE trading volume which 7/10 results in a burst in the same direction as the FTSE!

Using this analysis let’s takes SCENARIO 1: THE LOSS 🧸

You can see as price made its way up, it halted and price reversed taken out the lows of your trade and hitting your stop 🛑 (1 candle 🕯 erased)

So what next? Well simple I teach my Traders to handle the loss with zero emotion 🧹 you know the general direction which is up but you had to protect yourself in case you were wrong!


So we are now waiting for the breakout ( Yellow Square) out phase! Markets that have a short lived run tends to play tops and bottoms until it decides which direction it wants to head in!

3 Keys 🔑 to look out for is

1. High of the Afternoon
2. Low of the Afternoon
3. Price Sentiment (which direction is price heading)

Once this is decided JUST WAIT 📯until you get the breakout and place your trade!

Watch the full Blitz Breakdown Below! 🎁